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Statistics show that every year 8,00,000 new cancer cases are registered - 3,20,000 of which are suffering from Head and Neck cancers largely attributed to tobacco habits. While, tobacco claims about 4.9 million deaths annually globally, an alarming 1 million of them are from India. 

Over the years several advertising agencies and publishing houses have come forward to help us raise awareness about critical issues pertaining to tobacco consumption and cancer in general. Their efforts have won us many awards and accolades worldwide and have thus signaled the organisation's seriousness in dealing with tobacco issues and policy.

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Public Service Advertising

The word cancer immediately invokes terror and thoughts of death in the minds of most people. At the same time, the incidence of cancer is on the rise. It is evident from one’s experience that it is becoming a more and more common disease with a case in every family. In fact, cancer is not something to be feared. A majority of cancers can be prevented by adopting healthy social practices and, if detected early, can be totally cured. In India, especially, there is a need for education and information on various aspects of cancer. Even educated patients have a problem accessing information which could help them to cope better with the disease.

Recognising this particular problem, Cancer Patients Aid Association has focused on ways and means to tackle it. Our appeals received overwhelming responses from the advertising, television & film fraternity as they joined hands on various occasions to create compelling & hard-hitting campaigns - print, billboards & short movies. Along with reaching out to a large number of people these, many of these campaigns won awards and accolades at international levels. 

A series of advertisements made by Contract Advertising also appeared in Indian Express and Loksatta regarding Passive Smoking. Too often, smokers endanger the lives of non-smokers by smoking in their presence. Recently, studies have shown that such second hand smoke can also raise the risk of contracting cancer significantly. The danger is especially grave for children of parents who smoke. They are more likely to suffer from pneumonia or bronchitis in the first two years of life than children who live in smoke-free households. Several studies have also established a link with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Children of parents who smoke have a twofold-increased risk of dying of SIDS.

CPAA is indeed grateful to these agencies for acting out of a sense of moral responsibility. Their efforts will help people to imbibe the message of Prevention and Early Detection.


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Raheel Patel, Director, Design Dialogue. 
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Awards :
Year 2003

Award winning Adv. - ASTERISKThe Anti-Smoking advertisement entitled "Cancer Cures Smoking" was awarded the Gold Lion in the category " Outdoor Public Health andAward winning Adv. - CANCER CURES SMOKING Safety" at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival held in Cannes, France in June 2003. The ad was created by O&M's Pushpinder Singh and Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar with the Creative Director - Mr. Piyush Pandey and the helm.

The Anti-Smoking advertisement entitled "Asterisk" enlisting all the harmful chemicals that a cigarette contains was awarded 2 Silver Lions in the category "Outdoor - Public Health and Safety". The ad was created by O&M's Sujit Unni and Santosh Patil.

Year 2002
Second Hand Smoke Kills
2002 was a milestone year for CPAA's awareness  campaigns. A DEAD horse and an overloaded bus brought India instant International glory.

The hard-hitting 'Second-hand smoke kills' campaign created by O & M India under the creative supervision of Mr. Piyush Pandey bagged several awards in 2002, viz:

  • Four awards at the London International Advertising Awards.
  • 2 Gold Lions at the Cannes International Advertising festival in the category Public Health and Safety for Press as well as Outdoor sub-category.
    The One Show Silver Award
  • India won its first 'Silver Pencil' at the The One Show Merit awards 2002 in the Print category for excellence in advertising
  • The 'Second-hand smoke kills' press ad for the Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) was among the 50 Most Awarded Print Ads in 2002. 


Year 2001

The Best of the Best SpikeIt was for the first time in the 15-year-old history of Media Magazine's Asian Advertising Awards that an Indian agency, Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai managed to capture the top prize-"The Best of the Best Spike" for CPAA's anti-smoking TV ad entitled "The Journey." The prestigious award which was given in front of an audience consisting of 500 of the leading lights in the advertising world at Hong Kong's Grand Hyatt, is especially satisfying since Asian advertisements are generally considered "eye-wateringly dreadful" as the advertising industry's magazine "Campaign" termed them.

The ad shows an elderly man in a bus giving up his seat for a young smoker, implying that the smoker is weaker. The idea was greeted with great enthusiasm at CPAA since it conveyed the anti-smoking message without becoming threatening, as many ads tend to be. CPAA has always tried to convey a positive, supportive attitude rather than an intimidating, ominous kind. Our aim is to educate the individual to make the right decision on his or her own.

As one of the judges said, "As a pack-a-day member of the target audience, I can tell you that it's one of the few anti-smoking ads that presents a compelling argument. On top of that, it's funny. A rare accomplishment in one of the most over-trodden regions of probono land."

Campaign magazine was all praise for the involvement of CPAA as a "far-sighted client" which resulted in an "explosive, exciting, fresh" ad, a match for the best creative work anywhere in the world. Well done, O&M!

A&M AwardCPAA's Website gets A&M Award

CPAA's website won the "Silver for Creative Excellence" in Internet Advertising for Options Trikaya Grey in the Website Design category at the Ninth A&M Awards, 2000.

Abby TrophyCPAA's Website Awarded ABBY Silver


At the 33rd Annual All India Award ceremony of The Advertising Club, Bombay, held on 31st March, 2000, CPAA's website was honoured with the silver "Abby" for excellence in advertising in the Internet (Home Page/ Site) category.