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CPAA: NGO providing Cancer Insurance & Cancer Prevention in India CPAA: NGO providing Cancer Insurance & Cancer Prevention in India
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What Drives Us

What is it that inspires the people at CPAA? Hereís our Founder Chairman, Mr. Sapru, on the subject:

"Todayís management techniques focus on teaching people how to feign sentiment they donít really feel. Genuine results can only come when the feeling originates in the heart. We are lucky that all our employees have this common characteristic. There is true sympathy for the people who come to us. Each one is willing to go out of their way to help."

 Our Vision:

To be an all-encompassing cancer help-agency that works towards patient care, aid and assistance, awareness and advocacy. To understand and relate with the far-reaching impact cancer has on an individualís life. To go beyond the malignancy and treatment of cancer on the medical front and help the individual cope with the economic, social and psychological shadows the disease may cast. To effect and move policy that will ensure a fair chance of treatment for every Indian citizen. To live out completely the holistic approach to treatment of cancer that CPAA calls the ĎTotal Managementí philosophy.