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Childhood Cancer

Approximately 15,000 new cases of childhood cancer are detected every year in India. This is almost double the incidence in the next highest country-the US. When diagnosed early enough and treated with the appropriate protocols, approximately 70% of childhood cancers are curable.  Tragically, while survival rates rise in the west, only 20% of children detected with cancer in India benefit from advanced medical care, translating into an unacceptably high number of children dieing of their disease.

Children living in countries such as India account for 80% of the world's population of children and when these children are diagnosed with cancer, they are currently denied the right to hope for a cure. They struggle under a double burden of their disease and poverty. Cancer Patients Aid Association recognizes this double burden and has initiated steps to help children and parents to provide access to the resources and information they require to ensure their child gets appropriate treatment.
The treatment and care of childhood cancer requires the joint efforts of a team working together to provide medical treatment on one hand (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) and psychosocial support for the child and the family as a whole.

Education Aid 
Coping Mechanisms of Parents Who's Children Suffer From Cancer
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Art Therapy  for Children with Cancer

Art Therapy for Children with Cancer

Life for children undergoing the long drawn out treatment for cancer revolves around trips to the treatment centre and hospitals. In order to ease the monotony a little bit, CPAA was invited to run playgroups at various hospitals. CPAA introduced art to distract the children's mind from their cancer related stress. We found that art could be used to help children voice their feelings and encourage communication. A study was done on how to use art as a therapeutic process. Given below is the oral and slide presentation made by Vinaya Chacko, Director, Patients Care Department at the 38th Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) Geneva, 17-21 September 2006.

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Coping Mechanisms of Parents Who's Children Suffer From Cancer

A diagnosis of cancer in your child is devastating and probably the most distressing situation a parent will ever face. The parent must find the strength to adjust to this stressful situation. Coping is the effort made by an individual in order to adjust. Over the years, CPAA has interacted and helped countless parents to deal with their children's diagnosis and treatment for cancer and learnt from the techniques used by them to help other parents. Given below is the presentation on the topic made by Meghana Suchak, Counseling Psychologist, CPAA at the ICCCPO Regional Meeting - ASIA, 5-7 April 2007 in Bali.

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Education Aid: Click to Donate

Prolonged treatment for childhood cancer means a draining of resources. One of the first places where families start budgeting is in the education of the child and siblings. CPAA has helped many families faced with this dilemma. The family of Abhsihek Poddar had to move from Kolkata for his ALL treatment. In making the shift, his elder sister had to be uprooted, too. A bright student, her father told her that when compared to the life and death situation her brother dealt with, her own troubles were trivial. She began to show aggressive tendencies and the normally docile child became difficult to manage. CPAA stepped in to get her admission to a well regarded convent school. Generous donors paid for her books, uniform, bus and tuition fees. She went on to shine academically. The good news is that Abhishek recovered completely and continues to do well. The family decided to shift to Mumbai permanently. 

SANTOSH THAPA is a 20 year old boy whose father was terminally ill with prostate cancer. Santosh's father worked as a watchman in a society in Andheri but lost his job due to his ill health. Santosh's mother worked as a maid. Santosh was doing his third year of BCom at a Mumbai college. A bright student, he secured 82% in SSC (2003) and 75% in HSC (2005). Through all the problems, he maintained a first division during his BCom studies. He studied for CA along with his first year BCom and passed in the first attempt and worked part time for which he was paid Rs. 1000/- per month. He expressed his desire to study further towards his CA for which the enrolment fees were Rs. 3650/- and tuition fees for special classes were Rs. 34,551/-. 

A sincere young man, he was determined to study and use that education to improve his life, but all available funds were being used for his father's treatment. CPAA appealed to Asian Paints Charitable Trust and the N.M. Budhrani Trust and an education grant was granted. CPAA also spoke to the coaching classes on his behalf. As a result, the fees were reduced and the administrator agreed to take special interest in Santosh's education.