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Children’s camp at Golden Swan Country Club

Cancer Patients Aid Association organises a monthly programme for pediatric cancer patients. The aim is to provide an opportunity for them to forget their ongoing treatment and to give them a chance to experience a normal childhood. An important side effect is that both the children and their parents gain the confidence to allow the bonds created out of fear to loosen.

The programme was inaugurated in May.

June 2009: In June we organised a retreat for the children at the Golden Swan Club, Thane. Over three days, the children enjoyed cycling, carrom, table tennis, swimming and boating. A variety programme was organised in which the teams ‘Abhishek Bachchan’ and ‘John Abraham’ battled it out in a most un-Dostana way. Well known artists, Shubha Gokhale and Rukhsana Pathan, took the time to visit to teach them painting techniques. Aditi Dandekar from Camlin donated painting kits. On the last day, the children formed three teams - Sun, Moon and Star and put together a competitive programme of skits, music and dance. The children kept a daily diary which revealed how much they enjoyed the friendship of other children. They also learnt that they could take care of themselves independent of their parents, while their parents realised that they could start allowing their child to experience a normal childhood.

Ruxana Pathan said, “There are some moments in time when you feel absolutely helpless yet so very inspired. Interacting with these kids was one such. I thank you for sharing these kids with me. It’s been very emotional and I’m overwhelmed. I believe no child should ever go through pain. It’s so unfair, but I’m glad if they enjoyed themselves. God bless them.”

We had asked the children to write a diary for each day. We were happy to find that all of them had a memorable time.

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