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Cancer Stings! CPAA works towards taking the bite out of that sting. Moving on from a mere aid-dispensing (money, food and medicine) agency, CPAA grasped as early as the 60s that cancer could not be looked at just clinically...sectioning off the malignancy. It was a disease that had far reaching implications that went beyond surgical and medical procedures. Cancer spelled fear, trauma, expensive treatment, side effects, social rejection, toppled economics and family life... and so much more.  

 Viewing the disease in its total perspective, CPAA blazed a trail on the holistic approach to healing, way before the concept became a catch phrase among medical gurus and motivational thinkers. CPAA’s sensitive ‘Total Management’ philosophy set the NGO apart for its clairvoyant thinking. It is this distinctive approach that has won the organization respect and attention over the years for impacting people’s lives in a positive and healthy way.  

Today the acronym CPAA that stands for Cancer Patients Aid Association could well be interpreted as Cancer -- Patient Care, Awareness and Advocacy. CPAA continues to evolve as an agency for the cause of cancer and against its perils.  

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