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Research Studies

CPAA conducts systematic scientific studies of cancer related issues, such as risk factors, epidemiology and psychosocial effects on cancer patients their near and dear ones and caregivers. The data is presented in peer- reviewed national and international journals, conferences, seminars and workshops. Translational research to identify susceptibility biomarkers is the other area of interest.  

The focus of the Research team is translational research in the realm of identification of 'Predictive Markers' in  Oral Cancer' and 'Cervical Cancer', and to study the psychosocial effects of cancer on patients and family members.

Updates: (2017-2018)

  • June 2018: Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, presented their research data titled 'Oral Cancer Molecular Landscape and Clinical Implications' at 'Current trends in Immune Cell Biology and Immunotechnology' conference organized by Dept. of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on June 22, 2018. The talk highlighted the critical role of human genome in oral carcinogenesis, and the data identified novel therapeutic targets using in silico analysis for better management of oral cancer patients.

  • May 2018: Palliative Care and Counseling Workshop organised on May 11, 2018, for health care professionals and cancer care-givers. Faculties of the workshop included expert medical professionals – Dr. Veena Shukla Mishra (Clinical Psychologist), Dr. Sunil Dhiliwal (Pain Management Expert) and Dr.Vani Kulhali (Psychiatrist). The focus of the workshop was skill building in palliative care to provide better quality of life to patients.

  • April 2018: Biomedical Research Journal, an interdisciplinary International Journal with Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath and Dr. Aparna Khanna as Chief Editors was published and printed in May 2018. The editorial on ‘Breast/Cervical Cancer: Issues at Stake’ outlined critical aspects of prevention and early detection of the cancers. Click to read

Translational Research Studies: (2016-2017)

Project 1: Identification of 'Predictive Biomarkers' and Virtual Screening of 'Small Drug- like Molecules' targeted to Oral Cancer .
Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Dr. Sultan Pradhan, Hetal Damani
Oral cancer is a high incidence cancer in India, constituting 26% of the global oral cancer burden. The major risk factors are tobacco/areca nut, alcohol and high risk Human Papilloma Virus, contribute 90% of attributable risk to the cancer. However about 5-10% individuals with high risk life style develop oral cancer. Thus individual genomic variants could be used to identify individuals who will develop oral cancer. The team is investigated genomic variants represented as single nucleotide polymorphisms in long term tobacco habitues with and without oral cancer.

Project 2: Development of HPV Screening Protocol as a part of CPAA's Early Detection Programme
Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Neeta More
High risk Human Papilloma Virus (HR-HPV)detection protocol using State-of-the-art molecular technology for detecting and typing of HR-HPV PCR and nucleotide sequencing to indicate risk of cervical cancer. About 3,250 women in cancer screening camps were screened. The data defined 4.4% women HPV positive with 18% positive for HR-HPV including HPV 16/18 and 3% positive for low risk HPVs. A follow up in the HPV positive women is under progress.

Psychosocial Projects: To study the psychosocial effect of cancer on patients and family members

  1. The ability to cope with hematological cancers in Pediatric patients: a cross sectional study. Data collection is in process. Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Dr. Veena Shukla

  2. Post-traumatic growth and quality of life in breast cancer patients and their caregivers. Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Dr. Veena Shukla

  3. Perceived risk, anxiety and alexithymia in siblings of breast cancer patients. Manuscript is in review with the Editor, members and reviewers, Psycho-oncology Journal. Dr. Veena Shukla, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath

  4. Perceived social support and mental adjustment in breast cancer patients. Manuscript is in review with the Editor, members and reviewers. Dr. Veena Shukla, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath

  5. Knowledge of, attitudes towards cervical cancer screening among women in Mumbai, India. Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Dr. Veena Shukla, Ms Masara Shameem

  6. Association between distress and post traumatic growth among adolescent cancer patients. Dr. Veena Shukla, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath

  7. Post treatment- follow up care of cancer patients and Caregivers. Dr. Veena Shukla, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath, Manju Gupta

  8. Quality of life and perceived social support, in caregivers of cancer patients. Dr. Veena Shukla, Vinaya Chacko, Mallika Narayan, Halima Aurangabadkar, Dr. Dhananjaya Saranath


  9. Challenges in India about Breast Cancer & Breast Reconstruction. Dr. Bijoy Methil, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Jaslok Hospital & Saifee Hospital, Dr. Shubha Maudgal - Poster Presentation