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 17 years running…
bringing smiles to Cancer Patients.

Rose Day inception >>

Rose Day, CPAA's 'connect with cancer' initiative in a non-medical way was launched in 1994. Over the years, Rose Day has evolved - touched, moved and inspired cancer patients - if just for a while, lifted them out of their situation and rekindled hope in their lives. Creating magic moments for patients through song, dance and flowers, Rose Day has also raised funds towards CPAA's long-term goal of 'Total Management of Cancer'. In that sense Rose Day is not just a day! It's the way forward for CPAA to make a difference in the fight against cancer.

At the most basic level, Rose Day is a human expression to say 'I Care'. Looking deeper however, it's what gives CPAA the dynamism and scope to engage itself in the very real issues of cancer - treatment; the prohibitive costs of cancer drugs; the lack of awareness; the endemic proportions of Head & Neck cancers due to our paan & tobacco chewing habits - the list goes on.

In essence Rose Day's objectives are:
  • To give Cancer patients a relief moment amidst their grueling treatment regimen.
  • Get society to collectively focus on Cancer as a human condition.
  • Bring all the stakeholders into a meaningful interaction through the Rose Day initiative.
  • Find ways and means to bridge the gaps in treatment & care.
  • Raise Funds towards CPAA's Total Management programme.

CPAA as you know has emerged as that flagship NGO raring its head at all the uncomfortable issues cancer throws up. It is also that compassionate presence that guides, intervenes, holds your hand when it's hard to believe that the sun will come up tomorrow. The Rose, quintessential symbol of love & life and all things beautiful, was a symbolic offering…a reminder that life also has its thorns.

Rose Day presents a bouquet of opportunities to join CPAA's campaign to bring comfort and hope to the poor cancer patient.

This year's Rose Day promise in the long-term is:

  • To subsidise/sponsor the education of at least 50 school-going children with cancer.
  • Facilitate & provide temporary accommodation for out-station patients undergoing treatment.
  • Provide ration facilities for out-station patients.
  • Set up a Toy Bank for Sion Hospital's Children's centre.
  • Set Up Internet Connectivity - A weekly Volunteer-driven programme bridging the gap between family and friends.
  • Install sanitizer dispensers and organize refill maintenance at cancer treatment centres.
  • On-going Awareness and Early Detection.

A Rose can't cure but it helps you endure.

How you can help ...

  • ‘Winners in Life' …Brunch with the Stars!
    A unique, intimate brunch with the stars to celebrate cancer patients who have fought the brave fight and managed a positive outlook in life, against all odds. Patients will be nominated by leading oncologists in Mumbai and 8 'Winners in Life' will be identified for their unique handling of the disease and outstanding achievements in life by a jury comprising leading lights from various fields. Starting this year, CPAA also plans to recognize the services of Nurses for going beyond the call of duty and approaching their jobs in an uncommon manner. The jury will review nominations from various hospitals to select 3 nurses who have stood out from the rest for their professional ethic, commitment and humanitarianism to be awarded the Rose Day NIGHTINGALE Award.
    Date: Sept. 25th, 2011

    Sponsorship Consideration: Rs. 7 lakh / Co-Sponsorship: Rs. 3.5 lac

  • The Kiss of Life…Meet & Greet Patients:
    Give CSR an experiential dimension...each Corporate adopt one Treatment Center / Hospital: Tie-up your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with our Rose Day effort. Here's an opportunity for you to step out of your business environment and give just one morning/evening to assist with an entertainer for patients. A proto-type event plan by CPAA will cascade through hospitals. What we're looking forward to is grass-root involvement by volunteers to come out and get acquainted with our cause - reach out to patients, assist with running the patient event.

    Live out your CSR. Hands-on opportunity for 25 to 50 employees depending on the Cancer Treatment Centre to join CPAA's force to run the event. Experience the joy of giving…the intangible 'feel good' that comes from making someone smile.

    Sponsorship Consideration: Rs. 1.25 lakh per hospital.

  • Sponsor a ROSE DAY KIOSK:
    Say it with Roses ! Eye-catching kiosks on Bombay's sea-face, Marine Drive to Bandra set up between Sept 17th and Sept 24th will make it convenient for well-wishers to send floral greetings @ Rs.10 per Rose to cancer patients in hospitals across the city.This timeless gesture of saying it with flowers and brightening up the hospital environs, works like a charm. Who isn't inspired with a bunch of bright blossoms?

    Kiosks Planned: at Promenades from Marine Drive to Bandra; Jogger's Park, Priyadarshani Garden and 5 Gardens.

    Sponsorship Consideration: Rs. 1.25 lac per kiosk/ 15 lac as sole sponsor

  • Salary Deduction:
    Would you like to commit one day's salary to CPAA as your Rose Day gesture this year?

  • Rose Day GIFT Coupons:
    Say 'You Care' in your own special way. Pick and chose an option as per your budget and style.

  • Gifts In Kind Welcome:
    Toiletries: Toothpaste, tooth brushes, soaps, hand-wash, sanitizer, combs or small hair brushes, hand towels, talcum powder
    Linen: Blankets, bed sheets, towels and handkerchiefs etc.
    Utilities: Small flasks, or Tupperwear water glasses with lid, small steel Tiffin boxes.
    Nutritional Supplements: Health Drink – Complan or Horlicks, Milkshakes,Fruit juices, jelly, noodles, flavored yogurt

For further information email: / or call 2492-4000