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CPAA's Rose Day 2013...19th year running

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CPAA's ROSE Day a patient-outreach launched in 1994 started off modestly as an effort that brought the general public face-to-face with Cancer. A simple human gesture… reach out, say you care with a rose and light up someone’s life....know more about its Inception

19 years later, Rose Day has grown and evolved into an initiative that draws every stakeholder into a conversation on the disease. It brings together the patient, the doctor, the care-giver, the well-wisher, the various care-centres, the drug manufacturers into a meaningful interaction that drives at one single objective - ‘How can I improve the quality of life and bring care and solace to the Cancer Patient’.

“As Rose Day moves into its 19th year and while we keep our core promise of bringing magic moments to cancer patients in the midst of their trauma and suffering, we've decided to extend our effort and drive towards prevention and awareness” , says Joan Shenoy, Chairperson Rose Day.

Focus of Rose Day 2013: Child Care and Education:

According to recent studies, children suffering from Cancer form nearly 5% of the total Cancer burden in India with approximately 45,000 children diagnosed with Cancer every year. Most families lack the funds needed for treatment, owing to which education gets zero priority. This often leaves the future of the child-patient and the siblings in limbo.

This year CPAA intends to focus its activities on raising money to aid the treatment and education of children suffering from Cancer. Through Rose Day 2013, CPAA plans to gather support for these children through activities aimed at creating awareness, generating leads, raising funds and taking the entire Rose Day initiative to a whole new level.

Activities:  Hospital Events | Doctors of Soul | Skip-a-thon

Hospital Events:

For Rose Day, our core promise of reaching out to the Cancer patient is one we consider sacred. Thanks to the over-whelming goodwill and generosity of well-wishers, donors, the common man, CPAA was able to host back-to-back events in 10 hospitals covering close to 3000 patients.

Artists from the music fraternity, magicians, puppeteers, entertainers, jesters brought magic moments & surprises for patients with the message of Love and Hope, making Rose Day 2013, yet another beautiful memory.

The hospitals, hospices and treatment centers that were covered through this activity were: Aasha Cancer Hospital, ACTREC - Khargar, AIIMS Hospital, B J Wadia Hospital, Bharat Sevashram, BND Onco Clinic, Bombay Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, Cama Hospital, CPAA's Rehabilitation Center, Ernest Borges Home, Garib Nawaz Hiranandani Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, KEM Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Leelavati Hospital, Lilavati Hospital, Masina Hospital, Mhaskar Hospital, Nair Hospital, Nana Palkar Hospital,Nanavati Hospital, Noori Musafir, Parsi General Hospital, P D Hinduja Hospital, Prince Ali Khan Hospital, S L Raheja Hospital, Shanti Avedna, Sion Hospital, St. Jude's Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital and Wockhardt Hospital.

Shanti Avedna Hospice, Bandra, Mumbai

'HOPE' certainly came alive at Mumbai's Shanti Avedna Hospice in Bandra on Sept. 22nd. Patients terminally ill, actually managed to get their voices going...singing, hands 'n' torsos swaying to the beat, even though many were tied down to their wheel chairs and beds. As one patient shared, "Today, my heart danced though I couldn't get my feet to the ground!"

Music was the language through which everyone communicated. A soulful band of Catholic priests that call themselves 'Ambassadors of Christ', delivered the 'Masala' - a heady cocktail of English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani songs. Noted singer, Kunal Ganjawala belted out his favourite numbers; Dr. Dilip Nadkarni and Leena Damle, soothed with their melodies stirring up myriad emotions and memories for the patients.

The icing on the cake was the kids of Podar School Santa Cruz (ICSE) who brought energy with their super dance performance - a combination of calisthenics, ballet and gymnastics.

It certainly was a wonderful evening... a moment of grace for both the giver and the receiver. This was the first of the patient-events that cascaded through the other Cancer centers and hospitals wards dotting Mumbai.

St. Jude's Hospital, Parel, Mumbai

Shock n' awe! Wanna piece of heaven in 'Slumbai'? Visit St. Judes!

A puppet-show, laughter-therapy and karaoke by Rasna, goody bags, toys and creative kits for the kids… a sumptuous meal for all, the evening was a complete stress-buster for Moms, Dads and 40 little moppets who’ve found their way to Mumbai for cancer treatment. The inmates partied and how! …

Definitely pain forgotten for a bit. You bet they slept well that night!

Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital, Parel, Mumbai

Close to 70 kids undergoing Cancer treatment left Wadia Hospital, Hematology Dept. on September 24th with beaming smiles, back-pack stuffed with goodies in hand and a song in their heart. Forgetting their worries and pain, these kids sang out loud, shook a leg, threw caution to the wind and danced like there's no tomorrow. Joining them in this 'Dance of 'Life' were their moms and dads who perhaps smiled in a long time, seeing their little ones so full of verve and spunk.

While a magician waved his wand and a puppeteer worked his charm, youth from Medical College and Podar College played host together with CPAA staffers & volunteers while Sandeep Batra of Indian Idol fame absolutely rocked the house/ ward ! One more fun-filled, life-giving morning, Nurses, Doctors, Patients all echoed, 'All is well ! '. The kids with stoic heroism drove home a strong message - The Present is a Gift -- enjoy the here and now !

Nana Palkar Smriti Samiti, Parel, Mumbai
The Lungi Dance got patients to loosen up and become kids again. Laughter and gay abandon characterized the morning over here. Star performer Sandeep Batra rocked the show !
Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai

Chocolate cookies greeted kid patients (200 each day !) at the OPD Clinic for the week starting Sept 23rd. A power-packed performance by Bollywood singer Shriram Iyer on Sept 26th in the Cafeteria got close to 200 patients together to sing out, dance and celebrate life…against all odds.

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CPAA, New Delhi Branch

New Delhi branch organised an event for childhood cancer patients, receiving chemotherapy treatment support through the Global Charity Foundation, USA on the eve of Cancer Rose Day. The event was sponsored by Hilton Hotel, New Delhi. The management of Hotel Hilton believe that there is nothing more satisfying than children smiling, especially when they are battling with cancer. As promised it turned out to be a truly a memorable day for the children. The children were taken for joy rides at the Amusement Park in Noida. It was overwhelming to see the involvement of the caring executives of Hotel Hilton who personally accompanied the children for the rides and served specially cooked lip smacking food throughout the day. Children were also given goody bags while returning home.

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CPAA, Pune Branch

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