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Summer Camp for Childhood Cancer Survivors
at Jackson, Michigan, USA
Ankit Jain, Umapati Yadav & Mitali Goradia with Dr. Indira Nair (medical doctor) and CPAA's Ms. Gulshan Hodiwalla (Social Worker).Cancer Patients Aid Association has been invited to participate in this unique event organized by American Cancer Society to promote interaction between children who have conquered cancer from all over the world.

The American Cancer Society, Great Lakes Division and the YMCA & JCC of Greater Toledo are sponsoring the fifth World Oncology Camp (WOC) at the YMCA Storer Camps, in Jackson, Michigan, United States of America.

WOC is a unique two-week event that serves an international group of children who are cancer patients or cancer survivors. Delegations from up to 19 countries, comprised of four children age 12-16, an English speaking health care specialist and a social worker from each country have been invited to join campers from around the USA in the world's only international camp on Saturday June 16, 2007, in Jackson, Michigan. CPAA was invited to identify the children who would participate in this event.

WOC provides an opportunity for the exchange of cultures and traditions among the international participants. The children, the doctor and social worker will attend a one-week summer camp program, followed by a home stay with an American host. The doctor and social worker will visit American medical centers observing current cancer treatments and detection techniques.

During the home-stay week, the children will have the opportunity to experience the American lifestyle by living with a local, host family. Home-stays will be held following camp from June 21st to 27th.

Campers have been invited from Australia, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Spain, South Korea, Denmark, Palestine, Israel. The highlighted countries have attended one or more of the previous four sessions. This is the only international cancer camp held for children and is enhanced by the multinational medical exchange for the health care specialists. The support of sponsoring organizations, the YMCA and JCC in the US has made the camp free to the participants. Home stay expenses are the responsibility of the host family. Travel has been sponsored by Air India and American Cancer Society.

CPAA has identified 4 children, Ankit Jain, Umapati Yadav, Bidurin Chakraborty and Mitali Goradia to attend this camp along with Dr. Indira Nair (medical doctor) and Ms. Gulshan Hodiwalla (Social Worker).

The children will take part in activities such as boating, sailing, climbing ropes, campfires and will live in cabins. There is a talent competition planned in which Mitali will be performing a magic show and Umapati will play the casio. A small presentation on India has also been planned with all 4 children participating.