CPAA: Articles providing Blood Cancer (Leukemia) Information & Blood Cancer Treatment India. CPAA: Articles providing Blood Cancer (Leukemia) Information & Blood Cancer Treatment India.
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The following are extracts of recent cancer-related news items from local daily newspapers.
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Blood Cancer 

Cancer Drug Gleevec Linked to Muscle Damage (HealthDay News-18/06/2008)
Treatments target sometimes-deadly side effects of bone marrow transplants
- (The Associated Press-15/11/2007)
Thalidomide helps elderly cancer patients-(Yahoo News)               
Drug Discovery May Revolutionize Treatment Of Inflammatory Diseases And Leukemia-(Science Daily-21/09/2007)     
Dr. Reddy's Copies Roche Drug, Cuts Cancer Cure Cost (Update1) (Yahoo News -1/05/2007)
New lymphoma therapies targets diverse and difficult cancer (Yahoo News- 24-Apr-2008)
Survivors Of Hodgkin's Lymphoma At Higher Risk Of Second Cancer (Yahoo News-25/03/2007)
Obesity Found to be a Risk Factor for Multiple Myeloma(Yahoo News)     
2 New Drugs for Blood Cancer Show Promise in Clinical Trials-(Yahoo News-06/12/2004)
Umbilical cord blood can cure adult leukemia-(Times of India-27/11/2004)
Mumbai gets ready for first bone marrow list-(Mumbai Newsline-17/09/2004)
Patents controller fired over EMR to Novartis-(Economic Times-08/09/2004)
Allergy link to blood cancer risk-(Yahoo News-06/11/2004)
Environment may be linked to rising leukaemia-(Reuters-06/09/2004)      Analysis of gene expression in lymphoid cells can determine lymphoma cancer-(Yahoo News-18/08/2004)
Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium Launched as New Model to Accelerate Drug Development for Blood Cancer- (PRNewswire- 17/08/2004)
Boy inspires cancer video game-(Yahoo News-10/07/2004)
ALL survivors bear genetic damage from life-saving chemotherapy- (Yahoo News-01/07/2004)                                                                               'Infertile' cancer survivor pregnant-(Yahoo News-20/06/2004)

Freezing Cord Blood and Stem Cells - Should You or Shouldn't You?-(Yahoo news-03/06/2004)
New studies show promise of gene analysis in fighting cancer-(Yahoo News-19/04/2004)
Stem Cells Help Attack Cancer in Mice-(AACR Meeting)
Experts: Research Needed Into Rising Teen Cancers-(Reuters-01/03/2004)
Beating Multiple Myeloma-(HealthDayNews-24/02/2004)
Aspirin May Lower Risk of Hodgkin's-(ET-18/02/2004)
Chemo-Stem Cell Combo Fights Bone Cancer-(AP-24/12/2003)
Wonder drug helping Carlos-(ET-18/12/2003)                  
Gleevec May Treat Other Leukemias, U.S. Study Shows-(Reuters-09/12/2003)
Battling Bone Marrow Diseases-(HealthDayNews-02/12/2003)
Study Links Psoriasis to Lymphoma Cancers-(Reuters-17/11/2003)
Cancer Checks for UK Hodgkin's Disease Survivors-(Reuters-10/11/2003)
Combo Therapy Helps Leukemia Patients-(HealthDayNews-07/11/2003)
Formaldehyde Linked to Leukemia, Lung Cancer-(HealthDayNews-06/11/2003)   SU5416 Demonstrates Activity in Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia- (ET-30/10/2003)          
Leukemia survival shows racial divide-(ET-15/10/2003)
Siemens to Develop New Cancer Radiation Method-(Reuters-12/10/2003)
Study: Mono Boosts Risk for Hodgkin's-(Associated Press-02/10/2003)
Battling Blood Cancers-(HealthDayNews-26/09/2003)                     
Childhood Cancer Takes Toll on Survivors-(HealthDayNews-23/09/2003)
Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treated with Radiation to the Brain Suffer Long-Term Side Effects-(ET-17/09/2003)
Child Cancer Survivors See Side Effects-(AP-26/08/2003)
Common Childhood Cancer Can Be Cured-(Reuters Health-14/08/2003)
Radiation Not Needed for Childhood Cancers-(HealthDay News-13/08/2003) Hodgkin's Disease Therapy Doesn't Have to Trigger Breast Cancer-(HealthDayNews-02/07/2003)
New Cancer Drug May Find Wider Use-(HealthDayNews-25/06/2003)
Aspirin May Cut Risk of Adult Leukemia-(HealthDayNews-16/06/2003)
Gene Therapy Technique May Pose Harm: Study-(Reuters Health-12/06/2003)
New Drug Regimen Helps Hodgkin's Disease-(HealthDayNews-11/06/2003)
Heart Concerns Linger for Childhood Cancer Survivors-(ET-05/06/03)
FDA OKs Treatment for Blood Cancer-(AP-14/05/2003)
African Milkbush Plant May Cause Childhood Cancer-(Reuters-13/05/2003)
Cancer Said Side Effect of Gene Therapy-(AP-04/05/2003)
Prozac Kills Burkitt's Lymphoma Cells: Scientists-(Reuters Health-15/04/2003)
Can Genetic Research Yield Cancer Cure?-(HealthScoutNews-11/04/2003) Breastfeeding May Not Cut Childhood Cancer Risk-(Reuters Health-08/04/2003)
Lymph cancer vaccine may be near-(Yahoo News-14/03/2003)
Gleevec New Gold Standard for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia- (HealthScoutNews-12/03/2003)
Patient's Cancer Cells May Help Treat Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma- (ET-05/01/2003)
Another Advancement for Leukemia Drug-(HealthScout News-22/12/2002)
New Stem Cell Technique for Leukemia Treatment (Reuters-28/10/2002)
Caution Recommended in Epoetin Use for Anemia in Hematologic Malignancy (Reuters Health-24/10/2002)
'Cocktail' Could Combat Leukemia (HealthScoutNews-21/10/2002)
Wine Drinking Linked to Lower Lymphoma Risk (Reuters Health-16/09/2002)
FDA Reviews Novartis Cancer Drug (AP-22/08/2002)
DNA Test Picks Up Lingering Leukemia in Kids (Reuters Health-05/08/2002)
Hepatitis C Linked to Rare Lymphoma (HealthScoutNews-10/07/2002)
Leukemia Survivors Advised Not to Delay Motherhood-(Reuters-03/07/2002)

Genetic Testing May Help Predict Lymphoma Survival-(Reuters Health- 19/06/2002)                                                                                          British Study Finds No Radon, Childhood Cancer Link (Reuters Health-11/06/2002)
Major Improvement Found in Lymphoma Remission Trial (HealthScoutNews-17/06/2002)
Gleevec Helps Fight Leukemia Early On: Report -(Reuters Health-20/05/2002)
Number of Childhood Cancer Survivors Up Dramatically (HealthScoutNews-20/05/2002)
Natural Killer Cells May Improve Marrow Transplants-(Health Scout-14/03/2002)
Electronic module to classify class of cancer -(Times of India Online-05/02/2002)
Chemotherapy, drug combo effective treatment for lymphoma-(Times of India Online-24/01/2002)

GM stem cells hold key to cancer cure -(Times of India Online-11/01/2002)

Folic acid, iron may cut leukaemia risk -(Times of India Online-07/12/2001)

New cancer drug fast-tracked-(Cancer Info-30/10/01)

Roche launches cancer drug in Japan-(Times of India Online-14/09/2001)
Drug to mop up cancer-causing genes –(Times of India Online-04/09/2001)
Blood cells created from stem cells –(Times of India Online-04/09/2001)

Leukemia inhibitory factor in human milk-(Times of India Online-20/08/2001)
Leukemia fight aided by drug advance –(Cancer Info-13/08/2001)
Record Sales for Umbilical Blood Storage –(Times of India Online-13/08/2001)
Bush OKs Limited Stem Cell Funding-(Yahoo News-10/08/2001)

Bone marrow transplants improved –(Times of India Online-01/07/2001)
Umbilical cord blood possible cure for leukemia-(Times of India Online-15/06/2001)
Capriati’s overwhelming gesture-(Times of India-12/06/2001)
US approves Novartis cancer drug Gleevec-(Times of India-12/05/2001)
FDA approves new leukemia drug-(Times of India Online-12/05/2001)

Scientists announce stem cell discovery-(Times of India Online-05/05/2001)
Leukemia cases climb in Nevada Town-(Times of India Online-30/04/2001)

Study finds link between Agent Orange, leukemia –(Cancer Info-20/04/2001)
Leukemia drug marks 'Major Advance' against cancer-(Times of India Online-06/04/2001)
Pylons are Cancer Risk-(Times of India-13/03/2001)
UK study links infection with childhood leukemia-(Times of India Online)
Bone marrow procedure offers hope-(Times of India Online)
Possible leukaemia cure uses body's own cells-(Cancer Info-17/01/2001)

Stem of Life (Times of India-29/12/2000)
Aggressive Leukemia Therapy Promising For Some Patients -(Cancer Info-15/12/2000)
Panel to review data on Millennium cancer drug-(Cancer info-06/12/2000)
Electricity 'does not cause child cancer'(Cancer Info-15/11/2000)

Final Diagnosis-(Times of India-28/09/2000)
Stem cell transplant helps save children with leukemia-(Times of India-19/09/2000)

Study finds minor infections a help to kids-(Times of India-25/08/2000)
Leukemia:Blame it on better living standards-(Times of India-08/08/2000)
Novartis Struggles With a Drug That Performs Too Well (The Wall Street Journal-06/06/2000)
Immune System Switch Controls Destiny Of White Blood Cells-(Cancer Info-26/05/2000)
Stemming Disease-(Times of India-17/052000)

Moving towards safer bone marrow transplants-(Times of India-05/05/2000)
Drug for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Moves Toward FDA Approval - (Cancer Info-21/03/2000)
Miracle Cord Blood: Banking on a healthy future – (Times of India – 14/03/2000)

Complete remission - (Chicago Tribune- 28/2/2000)

Scientists Struggle to Unravel Baffling Rise in Lymphoma-(Cancer Info-14/02/2000)
India needs bone marrow banks to tackle genetic blood disorders – (TOI-03/02/2000)
Cell Thrapeutics Acquires Cancer Treatment Rights-(Cancer Information and Support-12/01/2000)
Prevalence of Antibody to Human T-Cell Leukemia/Lymphoma Virus in Women Attending Antenatal Clinic in Southeast London: Retrospective Study-(Cancer Information and Support-12/01/2000)
The miracle of cord blood (TOI-30/11/99)
Fresh evidence of cancer risk near power lines (TOI-28/11/99)
E Coli to the rescue for multiple myeloma patients (Medivision-November, 99) New technique to destroy cancer cells (Medivision-November, 99)
Thalidomide in low doses combats cancer -Study (Medivision-September, 99)
Leukemia breakthrough claimed in Australia-(Medivision, August 1999)